Wednesday, July 10, 2019

John Bentley: Founder of Power 2 Transform - Episode 1020

Randy Ford:                     Welcome to the SuccessInSight podcast. Our guest today is John Bentley from Power 2 Transform and again that’s John has been on with us a couple of times. It’s always a nice conversation so, John, welcome back to the podcast.

John Bentley:                   Oh, Randy, I’m excited. Thank you for having me back, and I’m looking forward to sharing this journey we’re going to have for a few minutes.

Randy Ford:                     What’s been going on since we talked to you last?

John Bentley:                   Well, I can tell you, I am mentally drained today. I just finished giving appraisal feedback to my employees, and I always enjoy it, but I also know that it’s so critical and important to do, and go about it in the right way that at the end of the day, my energy is drained.