Friday, August 2, 2019

Ron Myers: Author of "Relationship Success Handbook: Get Rid of Your Problems, Not Your Life Partner" - Episode 1021

Howard Fox:       Welcome everybody for my co-host, Randy Ford. This is Howard Fox in the success insight podcast. I hope you are having a great week wherever you are, whatever you're doing. I'm very excited today to introduce you to a gentleman, Ron Myers, he is an author, creator of the Simplified University. He's a sought after speaker and an "Uplifting Life Partner". Now why he's with us today, is he's written a really interesting book that I know you just want to learn more about. Ron has written the Relationship Success Handbook: Get Rid of Your Problems, Not Your Partner. Ron, welcome to the Success Insight Podcast.

Ron Myers:         Thank you. I appreciate being here.

Howard Fox:       You are out on the west coast. Hopefully, you haveing nicer weather than we're having. It's hot and humid and rainy here in Chicago.

Ron Myers:         Yeah, it's really nice out here in southern California, and so you know the weather here gets pretty good. It started out a little muggy, but the sun is coming out right now.

Howard Fox:       That's good. Well, I'll tell you something. Every time I go out to Southern California, it's like how can I stay out here? So right now I'm envious. There's a little bit of envy going on. So Ron, I really would love to learn more about you and the work that you've been doing and what led you to write this really interesting book. By the way, I am holding my newest Kindle Fire and as I was showing Ron, I do have his book on my kindles. I've got some reading to finish up, but Ron, congratulations on the book. And so tell us more about it. Tell us about, let's start with you, tell us a little bit about you.

Ron Myers:         Well, I spent 30 years in the financial service arena and I moved to the Regional Vice-President status within a few years and then part of that business was actually recruiting people that wanted to earn income either part-time or full time and that business also gave me the opportunity to sit across the kitchen table with families and help them get control of their financial picture. And that entire experience allowed me to spend time up close and personal with a lot of people. And what I recognized was people were having a lot of major relationship issues, my team members and clients, and because of this interaction with people and wanting to serve them, I became, and I still am a study of human behavior, and I spend a lot of money on programs and attending events and I actually started spending more time with our team and working on their thinking and relationships than I even did with the products. And that actually is what shed light on what my true passion was. And here we are.

Howard Fox:       That's interesting. So you, financial services pretty significant role and you know, a role that no doubt has an impact on other people's lives. Correct. And then, in turn, your customers' lives as well, so you have a huge opportunity to influence. I'm curious, you mentioned studying other leaders in the self-development, professional development space. Was there one or two that resonated for you?

Ron Myers:         Probably a lot of it had to do with a lot of my studying was Tony Robins. And then I also did a lot of Esther Hicks, which for the law of attraction and Les Brown, so you need that motivation in there somewhere.

Howard Fox:       Right.

Ron Myers:         And T. Harv Ecker because he does the financial services. And so it was really a broad range of people cause I'm always open to really expanding my understanding of people, and life in general.

Howard Fox:       Yeah. So as you kind of bring in and essentially you're a lifelong student. I mean we're always about self-development and I'm going self-development. When we stop learning, well, things stop.

Ron Myers:         You got it.

Howard Fox:       So working with your team and then the folks that are sitting across the table from them, what are some kind of stories here and there? What were you hearing? Were there some consistent themes that they were struggling with?

Ron Myers:         Well, most of the time when sitting across the kitchen table, what I realized more than anything was people weren't on the same team as a couple, and you see them arguing over the littlest things, the kids, you don't wanna say just the way that the partner talk to each other. It was just amazing to me to watch and it helped me realize, especially because we're taught in the financial field, the number one reason for people getting divorced is money. And so that kind of worked great for what I was doing, that I could use that when I'm talking to people, well, you know, this was the number one reason, but the more that I spent time with clients and with my team, I started to realize it's not true. It made me really want to understand what was going on with people in their relationship. Because I've come to realize that at least I believe, I tell people, two people that are committed to each other, we'll be homeless together. So if that's true, then the money is not the deciding factor. The same thing when we look at people that have money, they're getting divorced on a daily basis, with those things show you that obviously money is not the key. It may be. And I tell people it's true, it may be the number one conversation in your house, but it's not the reason that you guys are getting divorced. And so that's what really wanted me, made me want to study even more and understand why are people doing what they're doing and why are we having the challenges that we're having. And it helped me realize a lot of this is just the way people feel about themselves, that's what's become the major issue. That's why it's called liberty. Your problems, not your partner.

Howard Fox:       Excellent. And how long has the book been kind of in a contemplative phase? Like, there's some, there's something going on here. I need to learn more about it. Hey, I can write a book about this. How'd that kind of evolve?

Ron Myers:         Well, it's funny because the book actually came into being just kind of as part of the wanting to get my message out. It was never really something like I used to think a lot of time ago, man, it'd be nice to write a book, but it was never really that driving thing. And then all of a sudden I was like, how do I get this message out? How do I share with more people and get it out to them faster? Because you can only be at so many places at one time and you can only get out to so many people. And I was like, this is a way that I could get my message out to masses of people until I could physically get to them. And then it also is something that I know now I can leave behind. You know, we always talk about that legacy,

Howard Fox:       Right.

Ron Myers:         And I've always said I want it to be in. It's funny because I've always had this vision of I got to leave a legacy. I want when people say my name that people know I was here, and I never even thought about that. And then as the book got close to being released, I was like, Whoa, this is something that I'll actually have that I'm leaving, that will be my legacy, that's way beyond me. And it's like, ugh, wow. It's amazing how these things actually come into play because it wasn't really something I focused on. But it is something that I realized now that will come into play.

Howard Fox:       That's, that's a very interesting story and I appreciate the idea of legacy is, you know, having not been married, no kids, what's my legacy? What are people gonna think of me? How are they gonna remember me and I just recently, and I know from your story and hopefully you know, you're open to chatting a little bit about this. I've had a number of losses in my life, friends, through cancer in this year. And just the like, I mean one was just a phenomenal woman and a wonderful coach and just realize, God, I'm not going to go to events anymore and I'm not going to see her face. And it's just like everybody that we speak when we talk about her as a group, it's like, oh what a person. And you know, you start to think about what do I want to leave behind? How can I show people that I've made a difference? Cause we go into coaching and we go into development because we want to help people, and we want to make a difference not only for them but also for ourselves.

Ron Myers:         Yeah, definitely. Definitely. And that's why I always tell people even, cause I've had that conversation with people who have told me, cause the same thing, my wife couldn't have kids. So people would ask me, they say, what is your legacy? And you know, and you need that for your legacy. And I tell people that's not true. I said because your kids could actually be a bad mark on your name. You do know what I'm saying? Based on the way they lived their life. So if you're looking for someone or anything outside of you to be your legacy, then it's a bad place to look. Your legacy, I tell people you're making a legacy every day by all the people that you come across in your life. The question is what legacy are you leaving? Are you the person that they're looking at and saying, man, I'm grateful. Just like you said with the young lady, I'm grateful that she came into my life and the things I was able to get, or are you the person that people are looking at and saying, man, because of him, I'll never go down this path that he taught me, which I can say in my life, I don't drink and never have. And that's why I had people in my life that actually had drinking issues and family events were turning into fights, and what it did, it put an imprint on me that said, this is what drinking equals. And so because of that, I didn't drink, well see, that's the legacy they left to me. It may not be one that they're proud of and only they can answer how it feels for them. But for me, personally, that is the legacy they left. So I tell people, so your legacy is always on a daily basis. I was just hearing a, who was it? I think Oprah was saying that, that she was talking to someone, I think it was Maya Angelou that told her, you can never measure your legacy. And the reason is because you have to go back decades and throughout your life on all the people that you've made an imprint on, which means everybody you come through on a daily basis.

Howard Fox:       Most definitely.

Ron Myers:         Most times never be able to measure

Howard Fox:       As an individual, someone who you've been responsible for others, whether it was in the military or on the team that you managed, and thinking about the book that you have now authored, how would you describe yourself as an individual? I mean, if you were to get up a 30-second elevator, how would you describe yourself?

Ron Myers:         A person of high character and integrity because I tell people my integrity means everything to me. It was actually one of the reasons I had to hurry up and get the book out because originally I was with the publisher, and it was, it was a $50,000 project and I was probably about $25,000 into the project. And it was like I had these people waiting on this book and I'm like I still gotta get the funding done and uh. And I said you know what, every day that that book is not published, I feel like my integrity has taken a hit. Even though the people that pre-ordered the book, I kept them up to date and told them what was going on. But every day for me personally, it was eating at me and I was just like, you know what? Forget this. I'm a bite the bullet. Yes, that's $25,000 out the window. I got to get this book released. I can do all the other stuff, all the marketing, and all that stuff. I gotta figure out, I'll do that afterward. But most important to me is to get this book out and fulfill a promise that I have to others. And so for me, that's probably the major things I would say about me. Character and integrity mean everything.

Howard Fox:       Excellent. And yeah, it's no small task to author a book and part of being able to get it done is getting others to help support us. And that's through saying, hey, I'm writing a book. They become your biggest fans. But I get that you want to be able to hold yourself accountable and be in integrity and get that out there, and well we hope that the folks that we're waiting for that book love to know what they think about it. So it's a

Ron Myers:         Yes. Yeah and I've gotten great feedback which made me feel very good. You know, when people come back and say it, I know which, which personality I am or I know which you all say that it's stuff like that. Like oh, they actually read it cause, they couldn't tell me what personalities are unless they actually read the book. And so people say, Oh I saw the story about Terri, and they're like, you made me cry. You know, stuff like that. And you just go, wow, okay. So it is making an actual impact.

Howard Fox:       Who as far as the audience for your book and this genre of a self-help book and relationship book. Heaven knows I could use a book like that as a single male, and I also recognize what you just shared about our family and the people we've been around and how that impacts things we do or don't do today. Who is this genre of this book? I mean, is there a specific audience that you hope this resonates the most for?

Ron Myers:         Yeah, I would say it's more for people that are having relationship issues. Either trying to avoid giving it to them, to begin with. How do I address them so I don't have those issues? People that are actually going through the issues now, how do I get out of them and the people that want to prevent it in the future and more importantly probably for me is the people who have the low self-esteem, the people that don't believe in themselves. Cause a lot of people to see the title of the book, you know, Get Rid of Your Problems, Not Your Partner, and they instantly think it's a marriage manual. And I tell people, I said, no, it's what it says. It says get rid of your problems, not your partner. And see cause partners are everyone. I said, me and you, this is our partnership now.

Howard Fox:       Right?

Ron Myers:         You see, this is our partnerships. So if I could get rid of my problems, our partnership works. You follow what I'm saying. I tell people, even the people you release out of your life, that partnership works for you. You see what I'm saying? Cause you're at peace even if you release them. Cause there's a reason that you released them because they're not going in the direction in which you're going. It's not saying good, bad, right or wrong, it's just saying we're not headed in the same direction so I have to release you. You know what I'm saying from participating in what I'm doing in my life.

Howard Fox:       Certainly. As you have now produced the book, which is again no small feat. I mean I equated to having birthed the baby if there was ever a feeling ill is painful but it's done, and it's like Ah, what were some of the Aha moments, you know, for you when like all right, this thing's done?

Ron Myers:         And it's published and well probably the most powerful thing for me is knowing by having conversations cause during rideshare I was actually driving rideshare and sharing, and a lot of people I got conversations started because of the book that I had the book cover in there and said book coming soon and RSA book is now here, and some of the conversations that I had from people in the car, as soon as they saw it, let me know I was headed down the right path. I actually had a gentleman who told me, hey, he had lost his wife, had passed away seven years previously, and he was going through the feeling sorry for himself mode. He was like the only reason that I live now, it's for my two kids, my two sons. And he said, Ron, have you ever thought about suicide?

Ron Myers:         And I said, no, I haven't. He says I have. And so I took that instantly to say, this is not something that you just blow-by and say, Oh, well wow. The guy thought about that and excuse that. So for me, the moment I got him home, I turn off my app and I said, let's talk. Let's have a heart to heart. And so I shared with him my story and the fact that I lost my wife five years ago and she passed away just like what you were talking about earlier to cancer. And I was with her for 32 years and I helped him understand, I said, this is a young lady that was not just my wife, she was my best friend. I ran with my wife. I didn't run with guys. We were there. A couple of you saw one, you instantly say, where's the other one?

Ron Myers:         So that couple, and so for me, I'm losing her meant a lot. So I told him, I said, but here's the difference between you and I, and it's perspectives, and I call them stories. I said, you're riding the what if uh, could've uh, should've uh, very depressing stories, which would bring on depression, which will bring on thoughts of suicide. I said, me, I went to the beach, looked at the water, and I said, man, it'd be nice if Terri was here. Then I kind of glanced up a little bit and I said, shoot dear, you got a better seat than I do. You can see everything that's going on. I said, man, do you know my wife would reach down and slap me on the back of my head if I was being negative? I said, she would help me realize I don't have that much time here, left myself.

Ron Myers:         So I better enjoy the time that I do have. And I told him that not only that, I can be depressed about the 50 years, I'm not going to get with her, or it could be grateful for the 32 that I did. And I said, so guess what I do when I think about my wife, I think about the 32 that I did.

Howard Fox:       That's wonderful

Ron Myers:         And so when I thought about her, I smile and I said, and that's what you owe those that left their memory, smile. This is not a time, and the world teaches us to be depressed and go through. So they'll tell you it's okay. No, it's not. And that's kind of one of the things I share with people. I said it's not the original emotional stuff. If you got to fall, you hit the pillow, fall on the floor, scream, do what you gotta do. Nobody's trying to tell you to hide jury motions. You need to let that out, you need to release it. But after that, it's time for us to move forward. And now what you owe them in yourself is happiness and joy and be able to be, move forward and be grateful for the time you've got to spend with them.

Howard Fox:       You know, I think it's really powerful and there's so much angst in society today. There's overwhelm. I mean there's the social overwhelmed, the computers, the messages, and I think we need a vehicle both for ourselves and for our relationships to kind of take a step back, find a method, a vehicle to let out that emotion.

Ron Myers:         Yes

Howard Fox:       Then be around others who are going to be there to support us or they don't have to say a word. They just have to be there.

Ron Myers:         Yes. Yes.

Howard Fox:       And it's just, I think we need more of that. And so you've got, so now that you have this book?

Ron Myers:         Yes.

Howard Fox:       I guess what I'm really curious too, is what goes with this book? I mean this is, I mean I don't expect, here read the book and good luck with that. But there's a lot of lessons learned. I mean your again, your Tony Robbins, Les Brown, and all those entrepreneurs and thinkers and coaches. So what, it's almost as though something else comes with this book. What is that?

Ron Myers:         My ultimate goal is to start doing like Tony Robbins and Les Brown, end up on the stage with those types of people and being able to speak to the public and I'll do in the meantime until I get to that point. Is do like live webinars. And as I moved towards getting on stage. I'm putting together, a matter of fact, I did just put together like some video series on the four personalities. You know, a lot of the stuff that I teach, I've actually put together a video series and stuff. And so those are the things that I'm in the process of doing, getting ready to put together a masterclass, which we'll go through a lot of the things that I'm teaching and sharing. And uh, and so it's basically just getting out there and get the message out because we got to get people to a point I heard, it said, there are two ways to build the tallest building.

Ron Myers:         One, you build the tallest building, the second one, tear down the buildings around you. So you are the tallest. And unfortunately, most people in our society live in that second one. I tell people, why do you think we have the political, the religious, and all the other battles? The biggest one we got going on now is man versus woman, which is crazy to me. We've got men and it's like we're on the opposite sides. And this is someone you're talking about marrying, but now like we're enemies, and it's just crazy to me. And so for me, I said, we gotta teach people how to build the tallest building, which is themselves. Because I said, once you understand your value and know that you're worthy and you are enough, then there's no reason to tear anyone else down. It becomes now how can I reach back and help pull you up so that your building becomes tall also.

Howard Fox:       Excellent. As you go back and think of you know, the construction of the book is there, I'm sure every chapter is important. There's a story behind it, but is there a story or two within that book that like this is my go-to, my favorite. If I have to share this with anybody, this is what's going to be. Anything like that resonates for you?

Ron Myers:         Probably the main ones, and we've mentioned it a little bit earlier and that's the one of the loss of my wife and the reason for that is because it's helping people get up and realize you have to move forward in your life and you have to, because I had a gentleman just the other day, the same thing. He was in town and he was here because his friend mom was given two weeks to live and he said, I don't know what to say to him. And I told him, I said, he's got to snap out of it. It shot him and his mouth dropped open. Like wow, that wasn't the response that he expected. But I shared with him kind of what we're talking about is he has a choice in the next two weeks. He can enjoy his mom and have great memories after she passes away.

Ron Myers:         If she passes away or he can, he can live in the future, which is what going to happen when she leaves. And he's living it in his present life as well. He's depressed and he doesn't enjoy these two weeks, which will give him two more. I mean some more stuff to be depressed about later if she does pass. That's why that particular chapter means a lot to me cause it addresses this kind of thought process, is helping people understand you gotta be able to move forward. You know what I mean? And not let these losses or the fact that it's a possible loss. Stop you in your tracks because that's what life is about. It's about enjoying it. And so that's probably for me, the main one. And then understanding like the first chapter, that's why I started with it.

Ron Myers:         Self-Love. That's where it all starts. I say, if I can get you to love you some you, forget which football player said I think it was Terrell Owens that made the comment to be like, I love me some me. And I thought he said people may have laughed and not understood what he said, but I got to get you to that point. Cause when you get there then everything else falls in place because now you're not out hunting for someone else to fill a void. And I think that's what happens in a lot of relationships, are people go into the relationship expecting someone to heal them for things that are their issues that they haven't resolved. And then they blame the partner when they're not 'cured'. But it was never the partner's job to do that to begin with. That's why it starts with you and that's why that's the first chapter is I said, man, let's get you taken care of, shoot all this other stuff, it'll fall in place.

Howard Fox:       That's excellent. And you know, again folks, we're talking to Ron Myers, the author of the Relationship Success Handbook: Get Rid of Your Problems, Not Your Partner. Ron, we've got still got some time left but I'd want to make sure if our listeners want to learn more about you and your book, do you have a website, a URL? What's the best way to find you and learn more about you and your work?

Ron Myers:         You could go to the and that's where the book is. But then also I'm in the process, and I'm still adding stuff to that site and that's a good place to actually get, uh, more insight on me, and I'm pushing more my material that way. That way I can push everybody to that one site. Then, I'm doing a lot of videos now. I restarted a new YouTube channel. I had the one, Rod Simplified Myers, which you can pull up. I probably got about a thousand videos on that one. But a lot of those are personal videos included in that type of stuff. So I just started a new one, which is And that one I'm doing more specifically around this, this work we're talking here, which is around relationships and simplifying life. And that's another place.

Howard Fox:       Okay. And by all means, we're going to have links in the show notes to that site. We're going to have links to your Amazon page so people can go and check out the book, learn more about it. Yeah, I'm curious. As I sit here and you know, for some folks, don't realize we're actually on a web platform. So I'm actually sitting here chatting with Ron, seeing Ron, and I'm seeing the energy and the passion around who he is and what he's, what he's doing and the difference he wants to make. And well, if there's as much passion there, you know, in this book as I'm seeing right now, you gotta go check this out. I am curious though, given your background, what are some things people may not know about you that you'd like to share or would be willing to share. Anything that comes to mind.

Ron Myers:         Ah, that one puzzling to me is I'm kind of an open book. I'm one of those people that pretty much if you ask me, I'll tell you, and I mean even my nephews tease me cause they'll say, uncle, he just doesn't hold nothing back. He'll just tell you who can tell you the intimates of stuff. And I said because I'm not here to play games. I said I'm here to help you change your life. And if it's stuff that I did that wasn't, even things that we may not, I may look back and go, man, I wish I hadn't have done that. I'd rather share it with you so that you don't follow that footstep and learn from it, then I am trying to hide it, because I don't have anything in my life that I can look back where I'll say, Ooh, that's something I would never want the world to know is, you know what I mean?

Ron Myers:         I know like we hear people say people got skeletons in their closet and I go, I always try to think I'm like, what, what skeleton do I have that I really would be ashamed if the world knew about, and I really can't think of anything because you're going to make your normal what everybody calls mistakes and stuff. That stuff that everybody does, but it's stuff that we can learn from. It's nothing that we really sit back and go, I'm ashamed. You know? I just don't have those things. So for me, it's kind of, you know, I said that that's a tough question, cause I don't really have anything that I would say that I'm really ashamed of is that, that's a secret.

Howard Fox:       Yeah, that's fair enough. Sometimes I wonder about that myself, but you know something, even when I'm gone, I have nothing I'm going to do about it.

Ron Myers:         Right, right. I mean, it's over with now. It's done. You know what I mean? And I looked at everything in the past as everything that has occurred, got me to be the person I am today. For me, I look at everything I say, anything changes in my past. It changes who you see today. And I like the guy you see today, I tell people now, am I still striving to get better in every area? Of course. I mean, as long as I'm gonna be here, I'm gonna do that. I mean, I used to tell my dad, dad, he's like, boy, ain't nothing wrong with you. You good people. And I said, but pops, I'm going to be here anyway. Why not strive to be a better son, a better, a husband or cousin or I'm going to be here anyway. It's like, to me, that makes more sense to strive on trying to get better myself and understanding people than it is for me to go sit there and watch somebody reality TV shows, you've all said it. It's like I got a choice of what I'm gonna do with my time. I'd rather say, no, you help me enjoy life better, then sit here and watching how people are tearing each other down. That doesn't work for me.

Howard Fox:       I am fully on board with that one. Let me tell you. So I am curious as our time does come to the end, is there any we have what we call an Insight2Go, and this just gives, I mean you've shared a lot, a lot of, lot of gifts to us today, the book, the site, the type of work that you're doing. But is there, you know, an idea, quote, something that you came across that you know, you really want to share with folks who are listening to this podcast today?

Ron Myers:         One of the things that I actually do on a daily basis is I'm always saying to myself all day long, everything works in my favor. Always has, always will. And I think if you do that, even when things don't go the way I want them to, I Instantly think, I'm not sure why this went this way, but everything works in my favor, always has, always will. So it's the, I don't know how, but it's going to work in my favor and it allows even things that we call tragedy, it allows us to move forward because we say, okay, I know it's gonna work out. And I tell people in the reason, you know, it works out in your favor as you're still here. Okay. All the obstacles, whatever we talk about, whatever we think about, we're still here. So obviously we overcome. Everything is always working in our favor. And so I think for me if you take that and you use that in your life and everything that crosses your path, it makes life so much simpler and it allows you to move forward.

Howard Fox:       Excellent. Excellent. Anything else that you'd like to share with our listeners about the book, you've got these programs that you're developing, the videos, want to be able to help you get you on stage. I mean that's the beauty of this genre, the podcasting is, it's going to be out there and personally, I'm actually impressed with just the, when I go to out to California, I love getting in an Uber or Lyft card. And I know when you and I first chatted to talk about getting used to guest on the podcast. You are just like finishing up one of your drives. And I was like if that's not a repository of stories for a future book, I don't know what it is, but it's interesting the impact that you're able to make. I mean that gentleman you were just chatting about, asking about suicide. In the moment,, you have the ability to have an impact on people's lives.

Ron Myers:         And it's awesome because just what you said and I do that on a daily basis. I usually get at least one or two people a day that I actually get to put something in their lives because again, I have the little flyer in the back. So it always opens up conversations where people want to tell me what's going on in their lives and, and how should they handle this and we talk about the value. It was funny just as we've done the quick story or to hit my head with a young lady, she got in the car, she was dressed, kind of showing everything and it was a first date. So I know normally back in my days when I thought I was a little player, though I was the man, my first thought, if a woman shows up like this, you already know.

Ron Myers:         So I was sitting there and I said, let me share something with her real quick. Cause this is a, because I've shared with some ladies in my past that I knew slept with a guy the first night, and I told her, I said, let me ask you a question, and I said, this is what I share with them. Would you allow that guy that you're with last night? I said, would you give him the keys to your car? And they said, no, I don't know him well enough to give him the keys to my car. And I said, but didn't you sleep with him? And they're like, yeah. And I said I know you're not telling me your car is more valuable than you are. And I said because your move showed that. That you wouldn't give him the keys to your car, but you'll go to bed with him. You gave him the most valuable asset you'll ever have, which is you. And you gave that, the girl, she was like, Ron, you have no idea what you just did. She said I'm ready to walk into this and to this date with a whole different attitude, whole different demeanor. Now I probably messed the guy up. I'll be honest, you know, I know, I probably messed up his date, but for me, for her to understand her value and her significance, that's to me it's more important than worried about his little feelings get hurt.

Howard Fox:       Yeah and I'm wondering, did you get five stars on that on your Uber?

Ron Myers:         Oh yeah. We did get the five stars on that one.

Howard Fox:       Because that counts too. But I hear the message, it's like sometimes you wonder, as I get older, I sometimes wonder when I go down the street, it's like, I don't get it. I don't get it. Well, we have thoroughly enjoyed having you as a guest on the podcast and we're really excited to see what happens as a result of the book, the Relationship Success Handbook. And, I mean, you and I are similar circles, you know, leadership, professional development, self-development, and so I'm looking forward to staying in touch with you, and we're connected on LinkedIn as well. The folks that are gonna see this podcast, we'll be sharing it all over to the social sites. So, I'm excited to see what happens again. I really appreciate you taking the time and spending with us in a little piece of paradise. It was Long Beach as I recall.

Ron Myers:         And as we close, I do want to give people the opportunity to get the book actually for free.

Howard Fox:       Okay.

Ron Myers:         And they can do that at a and that allowed them the opportunity to get access, cause I'm not concerned with selling books, I'm concerned with getting the message out.

Howard Fox:       That's excellent. Excellent. So folks, This is the Relationship Success Handbook. You want to check it out, Get Rid of Your Problems, Not Your Partner, This podcast with Ron's going to be up on the Success Insight Podcast in the probably the next, 7 to 10 days, hopefully, sooner. Ron, thank you so much for spending time with us and I hope you enjoyed it. I know I did, and I know our listeners are going to get a lot of value out of this.

Ron Myers:         Definitely. I appreciate the time. It's been an honor.

Howard Fox:       Excellent. Hang on for just a minute while we sign off. Folks, that's it. This is Howard Fox, the co-host of the Success Insight Podcast for my co-host, Randy Ford. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, go out there and have a phenomenal day.


Ron Simplified Myers is the Founder of Simplified-U, whose mission is to inspire belief in oneself, by enabling individuals to create a pathway that encourages the pursuit of their passions and desires. To learn more about Ron and obtain a free copy of his book, visit:

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