Thursday, October 3, 2019

David Kaufman, Ph.D. - Author of Clues to Lower Mississippi Valley Histories: Language, Archaeology, and Ethnography - Episode 1038


David Kaufman, Ph.D. is a published author with several years' experience in writing academic works, journal articles, and books, both fiction and nonfiction. 

David's book, Clues to Lower Mississippi Valley histories: language, archaeology, and ethnography, was published by the University of Nebraska Press (2019). David offers an analysis of social, cultural, and linguistic change in the Lower Mississippi Valley from 500 to 1700. He charts how linguistic evidence aids the understanding of earlier cultural and social patterns, traces the diaspora of indigenous peoples, and uncovers instances of human migration. Historical linguistics establishes evidence of contact between indigenous peoples in the linguistic record where other disciplinary approaches have obscured these connections

David has also published two language books, the Biloxi dictionary, and Mobilian Trade Language phrasebook and lexicon, with an Atakapa Išakkoy dictionary in progress. You can learn more about David and his work by visiting his website,

Click here or the link above to find David’s book on the Amazon website.

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