Thursday, December 5, 2019

Christine Calabrese, Author and Award-Winning Educator - Episode 1064


Christine Calabrese is an award-winning educator and education advocate, and the author of two children’s picture books.

Christine’s first ebook. "Poor Little Pencil": A Happy How-to-Hold the Pencil Book (with Rhymes and pictures), was designed to teach children proper pencil grip.

Christine’s second book, published in 2018, "Little Pencil Finds His Forever Friends", is an entertaining illustrated rhyming picture book that brings to life, the learning tools for young children, ages 3-6. Little Pencil Finds His Forever Friends is essential for every teacher, parent, and child, It is also recommended for homeschoolers, occupational therapists, early childhood classroom teachers, children’s libraries and bookstores, and toy stores.

Christine invites you to learn more about her and her work, on her website at

You can also find Little Pencil Finds His Forever Friends on Amazon.

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