Saturday, December 28, 2019

Peggy Schaedler, Author, Librarian, Writer, Poet, and Musician - Episode 1078


Peggy Schaedler was a school librarian before becoming a writer. She now writes, stories, plays, and poetry for children.

Peggy is the author of the children’s mystery series Dagger and Dash, and the new children's book, Pumpkintown: The Great Goose Getaway.

Peggy loves fun books that make children smile. When she’s not writing, she performs in Puppets 4 Peace, where she reads, sings and plays her ukulele in schools and libraries.

Click here to learn more about Peggy and her work at Turtle Hill Books & Puppets 4 Peace.

Click here to find Pumpkintown: The Great Goose Getaway on Amazon.

Click here to find the Pumpkintown Book, Facebook page.

Click here to learn more about the illustrator, Sarah Rawson Fris.

Click here to find Austin Kleon's author page on Amazon:

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