Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Elaine Bentley Baughn, Author of the 5 Rules for Drama-Free Living - Episode 1084


Elaine Bentley Baughn is the author of the 5 Rules for Drama-Free Living - The 5 Rules in this book will help you manage stress, make mindful choices about your life, increase life satisfaction, and regain power over your daily life.

The book combines simple explanations of neuroscience, easily accessible mindfulness skills, and pearls of wisdom gleaned from an experienced psychotherapist's years of helping people reclaim their lives.

Elaine is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MS, LMFT). She holds a certification in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), brain-based rapid-processing therapy for trauma. She is also certified in Feng Shui, an energy-based therapy for the spaces in which humans live and work.

Elaine is a lifelong writer. Her poetry book, This Language River, was published in 2009. She has edited and written articles and book reviews for various organizations including the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy publications, Family Therapy News, and their websites.

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