Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Maureen Bannister, Author of I Want to Laugh in a Kitchen - Episode 2008

Show Notes

In Maureen Bannister's, I Want to Laugh in a Kitchen, the young teach the old to "stop, look, and listen," with purpose, and embrace the bits of joy tucked into the everyday. Lida Caudle & Courtney Thomas created the illustrations.

Joining Maureen on the podcast, are:

From Little Star Communications - Joni Albrecht (Publisher) & Wendy Daniel (Book Designer). Little Star Communications is a resource for writing, editing, manuscript review, and public relations. Click here to visit the Little Star Communications website. Click here to learn more about Wendy Daniel's design work on her website.

From the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation - Grace Gallagher (Executive Director) & Clair Norman (Marketing). CKG’s mission is to fulfill Cameron’s dream and legacy by being a positive force that works to cultivate awareness and understanding of teenage depression and anxiety. Click here to visit the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation website, and to follow them on Facebook.

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