Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Trycia Lino, Co-author of the Guardians of Machu Picchu book series - Episode 2056


Trycia Lino is the co-author, along with her mother, Anna Borup, of the Guardians of Machu Picchu book series.

Trycia's mission today is to inspire middle grade and teen students, their teachers, and their social workers to celebrate Latin Culture and Arts through colorful adventure stories that encourage a love for reading.

Book 1: Elixir of Life
Book 2: Orb of Time
Book 3: The Dark Rider of Lake Huanuco
Book 4: Pendant of Power

Trycia has created novellas & lesson plans for students’ enjoyment as well as their education in cultural sensitivity and insight into diverse populations. Particularly, these stories introduce students to the Incan World of Peru where Machu Picchu rises out of the earth as an eternal reminder of the great civilization that once graced its hills.

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