Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Terri Jacke - Author of Is This a Lousy Job Or Is It Me?: A Real-Life Guide For Achieving Success At Work - Episode 2087


Our guest today on the Success InSight Podcast is Terri Jacke.

Terri is the president of the Inspired Training Institute, Inc., an executive consulting firm she founded nearly 20 years ago, and the author of Is This a Lousy Job Or Is It Me?: A Real-Life Guide For Achieving Success At Work.

In her book, Terri offers practical ideas for managing novel workplace situations, depending upon one’s stage of character development. Terri invites her readers to see and learn from real-life experiences that he or she is not alone in their struggles or doubts. She introduces her readers to the 7-stage BY FABLE model:

Beginning -- How we see things as we launch our careers and orient ourselves.
Yuckiness -- This is when we realize people can be jerks.
Fear -- Protecting ourselves from jerks, negativity, incompetence, and people with whom we must work.
Boundaries -- Understanding our role in the workplace.
Love -- Working passionately towards fulfillment.
Exit -- Leaving the workforce but remaining engaged in life.

Terri’s message is especially helpful to those who:
  • Are in their first job and need a career roadmap.
  • Feel stuck at a dissatisfying job.
  • Don’t know how to safely advance their career during an unstable economy.
  • Experience job burnout and career conflict.
  • Work with bullies in a hostile work environment.
  • Crave personal awareness and professional growth.
  • Are in pursuit of fulfilling and meaningful work.
  • Need boundaries set at work.
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