Monday, November 9, 2020

Andrée Martin, Mindset Monday - What You Need to Know to Overcome Fear and Succeed - Episode 2094


MINDSET MONDAY - Know What You Need to Know to Overcome Fear and Succeed.

Andrée Martin is Your Leadership Mindset & Golf Performance Coach.

Andrée is an LPGA Class A Life Member, a Nationally Recognized Top 50 Golf Teacher and Expert, and a member of the Maine Golf Hall of Fame. Recognizing Golf’s value as a business tool in today’s competitive marketplace, Andrée works with individuals, groups, corporate or organizational clients to create educational and team-building programs that enhance the professional success of aspiring executives. Andrée returns to the Success InSight Podcast for another episode of Mindset Monday to chat about, What You Need to Know to Overcome Fear and Succeed.
Key points include:
  • FEAR --- False Evidence Appearing Real.
  • In golf, it’s not how you drive, it’s how you arrive.
  • We need to get beyond the fear of how we appear or comparing ourselves to others
  • Feel the fear, and play great anyway.
  • When you feel fear, you have to focus on and the fundamentals and go back to the basics.
  • In the Fear, there is a unique opportunity to find the technique (sweet spot) that is right for you.
  • Amy Cuddy - Your body language may shape who you are.
  • Think about the time(s) when you were at your very best.
  • On a scale of 1...10, what score are you when you’ve been at your very best? Then play to that number.
  • Whatever you resist, persists, in both business and in golf. If you let it be, it will let you be. That’s the game within the game.
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