Friday, December 11, 2020

Gail Boenning & Manu Satsangi, Creative Collaborators of the “Gift of Shared Kindness” - Episode 2107


Our guests today on the Success InSight Podcast are Gail Boenning and Manu Satsangi.

Gail & Gail are the creative collaborators of the “Gift of Shared Kindness”.

Gail is a Freelance Writer and Manu is a seasoned IT Professional

You can learn more about the Gift of Shared Kindness, and stories of connection inspired by the Gift of Shared Kindness, at

Click here to learn more about the Gift Of Shared Kindness - Greeting Card Set

You can also learn more about Gail and her work via her Born Free Newsletter, at

You can learn more about Manu and his work on Instagram, at


  1. Howard--Thank you for hosting me and Manu on your Success InSight podcast! We really enjoyed our conversation and appreciate your willingness to spread awareness of the Gift of Shared Kindness.

    1. It was a pleasure. I enjoyed the conversation, and the opportunity to spread The Gift of Shared Kindness.