Monday, December 14, 2020

Andrée Martin, Mindset Monday - The Technology-Mindset Evolution - Episode 2108


MINDSET MONDAY - The Technology-Mindset Evolution.

Andrée Martin is Your Leadership Mindset & Golf Performance Coach.

Andrée is an LPGA Class A Life Member, a Nationally Recognized Top 50 Golf Teacher and Expert, and a member of the Maine Golf Hall of Fame. Recognizing Golf’s value as a business tool in today’s competitive marketplace, Andrée works with individuals, groups, corporate or organizational clients to create educational and team-building programs that enhance the professional success of aspiring executives. Andrée returns to the Success InSight Podcast for another episode of Mindset Monday, to chat about, The Technology-Mindset Evolution.
Key points include:
  • In the world of golf today, you have the ability to collect all types of data; more than just the path, curvature, and trajectory of the golf ball.
  • For most golfers, 68% of your score is from 125 yards in; 30-40% of that is putting.
  • The repeat and focused practice of specific shots are what makes the pro-play successful, anywhere on the course, in all conditions.
  • Pro-golfers know how far they can carry the ball, and how far it’s going to roll. Amateurs are not typically aware of this, and so are not picking the right club from their bag
  • The businessman also needs to know what data is being collected, and what elements are needed to understand their business in order to make better decisions.
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