Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Eva Grayzel - Master Storyteller, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Patient Advocate - Episode 2109


Eva Grayzel is a nationally recognized master storyteller, motivational speaker, author, cancer survivor, and patient advocate.
Eva's experience with a late-stage oral cancer diagnosis almost stole her ability to return to the work she loved. Regaining her articulation and deep vibrant voice, she transitioned to speaking in the healthcare industry about her cancer journey.

Eva is the author of two children's books to address feelings, diminish fears, and promote dialogue around cancer:
Eva is also the author of, You Are Not Alone: Families Touched By Cancer (Talk4Hope Books) | Published in 2010

Eva is also the founder of the Six-Step Screening™ oral cancer awareness campaign. You can learn more by visiting the Six-step Screening website at

You can learn more about Eva and her speaking and storytelling work, by visiting her website at

Click here to visit Eva's author page on Amazon.

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  1. Wondering how one becomes a professional storyteller?? Wondering if you receive an oral cancer screening at your dental checkup? Oh...and so much more! Thank you Howard for a great interview!