Friday, January 29, 2021

Bob Raleigh, Ph.D., - Author of "The Search for Why: A Revolutionary New Model for Understanding Others, Improving Communication, and Healing Division." - Episode 3001


In this groundbreaking book, Bob introduces the reader to a new behavioral model that explains what drives us and why. In Meta-5, there are five universal biologic instincts all tied to survival. The META-5 reflects how these five instincts are distributed in patterns, or “Mixes,” across any given population. Knowing someone’s Mix is the key to understanding their Worldview and unlocking a communication strategy that will resonate with them deeply.

Bob is the founder and managing partner of PathSight Predictive Science. Previously, he was CEO of Rockefeller Consulting and a longtime television executive at Carsey-Werner. He holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Syracuse University.

You can also learn more about Bob's work at PathSight Predictive Science by visiting their website at

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