Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Chris Palmore - Author of Dear Gratitude: An Anthology, and Founder of Gratitude Space - Episode 3008


Chris Palmore is the author of Dear Gratitude: An Anthology (Published in Paperback, December 2020)

Chris shares that he is a Gratitude Conductor, Coach, and Creator. He is the Founder of Gratitude Space, a platform where people can share what is good and uphold what is beautiful about life by sharing the things that they are grateful for socially. And he is also a host on GratitudeSpace Radio. He is getting ready to publish his second book, Dear 2020, later this year.

We were introduced to Chris by Gail Boenning & Manu SatSangi, the creative collaborators of Gift of Shared kindness. Gail and Manu appeared on the Success InSight Podcast last year. --

To learn more about Chris and his work and mission, you can visit him on the Gratitude website at

Click here to find Dear Gratitude: An Anthology, on Amazon.

You can email Chris at

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