Thursday, March 4, 2021

Arthur F. Coombs III - Best-Selling Author of Hard Easy: A Get-Real Guide for Getting the Life You Want - Episode 3012


Arthur F. Coombs III is an author, a dynamic motivational speaker, and a leadership Guru. Art has vast experience with people and organizations, he has held numerous executive-level positions, and is a global expert in contact center operations. Art brings his decades of global expertise to readers, audiences, and corporations through his visionary and innovative practices.

Art is the best-selling author of Hard Easy: A Get-Real Guide for Getting the Life You Want, published in 2020.

In Hard Easy, Art guides his readers on how to:
  • Evaluate all of your choices when making a decision about anything.
  • Turn away from instant gratification so that you invest in long-term benefits.
  • Develop your own purpose, plan, and vision to succeed.
  • Follow his six key steps for change.
  • Set big-picture goals and not abandon them as soon as there is a bump in the road.
If you follow these rules, you will find abundant health, financial security, relationship success, and peace and fulfillment

Art's two prior best-sellers include:  

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