Friday, May 21, 2021

Elinor DeWire, Award-Winning Researcher, Photographer and Writer About Lighthouses, and Amateur Astronomer - Episode 3044


Today's episode of Success InSight is another addition to our Outdoor Adventure Series

Our guest today is Elinor DeWire. Elinor is an award-winning researcher, photographer, and writer about lighthouses.

Elinor joined us on Success Insight back in January 2020, before our lives took a hard turn. During that episode, we learned about Elinor’s fascination and passion for Lighthouses, and how this informed her career pursuit. 

Here’s a link back to that episode for you.

Elinor has been researching, photographing, and writing about lighthouses since 1972. She has visited more than eight hundred sentinels in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. She is the author of over twenty books and more than 250 articles on the subject of Lighthouses. 

In today’s episode, Elinor shares how outdoor adventure and lighthouses can make great memories. She also shares some of her favorite lighthouse locations when visitors can go to enjoy outdoor adventure. 

Elinor is also an avid astronomy enthusiast and teacher and has written three books on amateur astronomy. She shares which lighthouse locations can make for enjoyable stargazing.

To learn more about Elinor and her work, you can visit her on her website, at or on her blog, at

You can also find Elinor on the following social sites: 

Pinterest Boards: Search for "Elinor DeWire"

To see some of David Zapatka's Night Photography work, follow this link.

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