Monday, June 7, 2021

Andrée Martin, Mindset Monday - The Four Mindsets of Great Coaches - Episode 3050

 MINDSET MONDAY - The Four Mindsets of Great Coaches.

Andrée Martin is Your Leadership Mindset & Golf Performance Coach. She is an LPGA Class A Life Member, a Nationally Recognized Top 50 Golf Teacher and Expert, and a member of the Maine Golf Hall of Fame.

Recognizing Golf’s value as a business tool in today’s competitive marketplace, Andrée works with individuals, groups, corporate or organizational clients to create educational and team-building programs that enhance the professional success of aspiring executives.

Andrée returns to the Success InSight Podcast for another episode of Mindset Monday, to chat about, The Four Mindsets of Great Coaches. Key points include:

Humility Mindset

  • How much I know. How smart I am. Do it the exact way I would
  • What does this employee or athlete need to increase their capabilities and contributions to the success of their business/sport?
  • Leaders who listen, care, and build trust. This drives employee/athlete engagement and business performance!

Potential Mindset

  • Everyone is capable. It is about will vs skill.
  • From Carol Dweck, Psychology Today - Hard work, focused practice, and persistence result in continuous learning and growth. [in addition to innate talent]
  • Stretch assignments develop skills, in addition to progress checks that have proven to increase this potential and success beyond innate talent.

Risk Mindset

  • All growth requires risk. 
  • We learn through trial and error and therefore even more from our Failures.
  • Ride a bike, baby walk/fall/walk.
  • Good coaching supports this risk-reward and knows when to push the. boundaries and calibrate the attention and support the employee/athlete needs.
  • Push to get up and do it again when fall, celebrate and then plan the next big win. 

Responsibility Mindset

  • Don’t make excuses, Make Results.
  • The blame game doesn’t work, own up, shut up, focus, and do.
  • It’s all about choices. Poor me or get up and keep going with a better plan in place?
  • Build character through taking responsibility and smart choices moving positively forward.

Make success your greatest accomplishment today!!

Great coaches coach so well the employee/athlete doesn’t even know they are being coached or mentored. They just love they are growing, learning, growing, learning… Isn’t it about the journey anyway?

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