Monday, July 5, 2021

Andrée Martin, Mindset Monday - The 5 Steps You Need to Achieve and Sustain a Champion’s Mindset - Episode 3057


MINDSET MONDAY - The 5 Steps You Need to Achieve and Sustain a Champion’s Mindset.

Andrée Martin is Your Leadership Mindset & Golf Performance Coach.

Andrée is an LPGA Class A Life Member, a Nationally Recognized Top 50 Golf Teacher and Expert, and a member of the Maine Golf Hall of Fame. Recognizing Golf’s value as a business tool in today’s competitive marketplace, Andrée works with individuals, groups, corporate or organizational clients to create educational and team-building programs that enhance the professional success of aspiring executives. Andrée returns to the Success InSight Podcast for another episode of Mindset Monday, The 5 Steps You Need to Achieve and Sustain a Champion’s Mindset. Key points include:
You can’t always turn your health around overnight. Diet for the Immune system has not only helped Phil, but it is also helping millions. Howard mentioned intermittent fasting and he also is gluten-free.  It takes a champion’s mindset to stay on it and with it. Even when other’s say you can’t come back, it is too late, look at Tom Brady. Top athletes watch everything that goes into their bodies! A true champion turns within, believes in themselves. They “stay the course” (I love this golf term as it covers so many things and areas)
Bonus for today: if all you do is turn within, digesting internal information you have. Listen to your own internal guidance and gut. What is important? What is my body, my guidance within telling me? And believe! This episode will speak volumes. 
  1. Maintain Sharp Focus and Visualization
  2. Be Deliberate (on every shot)
  3. Take the time that is needed
  4. Controlled Breathing
  5. Connect with Intention
Insight - You choose the thoughts you allow in. What does your self-talk really sound like?
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