Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Scott Spires, Translator, Linguist, Award-winning Writer & Editor, and The Author of Abandon All Hope, Episode 3088

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Author Series on the Success InSight Podcast.

Our guest today is Scott Spires.

Scott is a Translator, Linguist, Writer & Editor based in the Chicago suburb of Lake Bluff, IL.

His short story, Everest, was a Finalist in the 7th Annual Contest in Fiction.

We are excited to have Scott join us on the Author Series today to chat about his new book, Abandon All Hope.

Set in Chicago in 1998, the story evokes such 1990s classics as High Fidelity and Fight Club. Its two antiheroes struggle against unsympathetic employers, uncomprehending relatives, meaningless jobs, romantic frustration, and social isolation, all while searching for a life of meaning and purpose, each in his own way. Abandon All Hope is a comic novel of ideas that asks the questions: How do you make your way in a world where stability is illusory, fraud and lies are ubiquitous, and happiness is always elusive? Should you be a realist or an idealist? And how’s life working out for you, anyway?

Click here to find Abandon All Hope on Amazon.

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Scott's  Insight2Go - Don't assume that your job or profession is safe - automation and outsourcing threaten us all.

If you're a lover of Microbrews and have an opportunity to visit Lake Bluff, IL, Scott recommends that you check out the Lake Bluff Brewing Company --

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