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Jan. 18, 2020

Shannon Anderson, Teacher and Award-Winning Children's Book Author

Shannon Anderson, Teacher and Award-Winning Children's Book Author
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Shannon Anderson is an award-winning children's book author. Her book titles include:

Monster & Dragon Write Poems – 2018
Coasting Casey: A Tale of Busting Boredom in School – 2016
Penelope Perfect: A Tale of Perfectionism Gone Wild – 2015
I Am Not A Pirate – 2013

Shannon is also a third-grade teacher, she is the regional advisor for the Indiana Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, is on the executive board for the Indiana State Reading Association, and is a frequent presenter at teaching and writing conferences.

Shannon has also authored two resource books for teachers, Be an Amazing Writing Teacher and Go the Extra Smile, published by Pieces of Learning,

One of her first pieces of published work was the story, A Deed A Day, “It is better to give than to receive.” -- This story is from Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Happiness © 2011 Chicken Soup for the Soul, LLC. All rights reserved.

Each school year, Shannon guides her students through a publishing project, designed to spark a love of writing for the students. A picture book is created by the students, and each students’ artwork is then created into their own unique stuffed animals. This annual project by Shannon resulted in her being included in a Today.com/parents segment, “From Letters to love: 10 times teachers inspired us in 2019”.

Shannon also introduced us to the “Book Tasting” and her version of the “Reading Chair”.

To learn more about Shannon and her work, please visit her website at www.shannonisteaching.com.

Click here to visit Shannon’s Author Page on Amazon

You can also find Shannon on the following social sites:


If you're an aspiring children's book author, check out Free Spirit Publishing at https://www.freespirit.com/.

Click here to visit Pieces of Learning,

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