Tuesday, April 23, 2019

David Petherick: Founder of Doctor LinkedIn™

Howard:             Hello, everybody. This is Howard Fox for Randy Ford. This is the SuccessInsightPodcast, and I want to welcome you today for a very interesting episode. As many of you know, or perhaps you don't know, I'm a big fan of the platform, LinkedIn. It is a platform for professionals like ourselves to essentially network, and network professional. It's an opportunity to present ourselves, our brand, create content. I'm very excited today to introduce you to a colleague of mine all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland. I'd like to introduce you to David Petherick, otherwise known as Doctor LinkedIn. David, welcome to the SuccessInSight podcast.

David:                 Thank you very much, Howard. Great to be here, and thanks for the invitation. I certainly appreciate it.

Howard:             I love the moniker Doctor LinkedIn, and that is also your website as well, Doctor LinkedIn. How did this moniker come about?

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Morris Elstien: Founder of MorrieCONNECT

Howard:             Good morning everybody, this is Howard Fox, the producer of The Success Insight Podcast, and the co-host with my partner Randy Ford. Randy can't be with us today, so I'll be taking the reigns. Hopefully we'll do Randy justice, because the great work that he's doing. And I am very excited today to introduce to you, to Morrie Elstien. Morrie's the president of the firm MorrieCONNECT. Morrie, welcome to SuccessInsight.

Morrie:               Thank you, Howard.

Howard:             So Morrie, tell us a little bit about who you are, because you've got such an interesting story, and little bit about your background, and about what is MorrieCONNECT.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Deb Terry: Founder of Skillblenders - Episode 1012

Randy Ford:     And welcome to the SuccessInSight podcast. Our guest today is Deb Terry, who's the founder of Skillblenders.com. If you haven't had a chance, we got to talk to Deb another time, go back and listen to that, it's episode 1005. We talk a lot about her coaching, we're gonna get into that a little bit more. Deb, thanks for coming back on SuccessInSight.

Deb Terry:        Great, thanks for having me back. I enjoyed our conversation last time, and I'm looking forward to more conversation today.

Randy Ford:     Why don't you remind people a little bit about Skillblenders and what you do?

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Chris Johnson: Founder of Chat at 8 & Mingle at Midtown Networking Groups - Episode 1011

Howard Fox:                    Hello, everybody. This is Howard Fox, your host of the SuccessInSight podcast. I hope you are having a fantastic day. I am so very excited to introduce to you a gentleman that I've gotten to know over the past couple months through some networking interactions that I'm participating in on a monthly basis.

                                           This gentleman is managing three networking groups, and just the welcoming nature of these groups. I'm really excited to introduce to you Chris Johnson, the Market Director of the Leader Builders Group. 

                                           Chris, welcome to the Success Insight podcast.

Chris Johnson:                 Howard, how are you?

Howard Fox:                    Doing well, my friend. As I was doing the introduction here, I was thinking about the reason why I thought I would love to have you on the show is just that networking in this day and age where there's so much angst in how we live, what we do, where we do it, and Networking is such an important part of staying connected to people, and what you're doing with the folks and these groups is so very powerful.

                                           I'd love to learn more about you, how you got started and how you got into planning, executing and promoting this idea of networking. Just really, the demonstrate the effect that you're having on other people's lives. So let's start with your story. Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

Chris Johnson:                 Thank you. Thank you for that. I'm very grateful that you and I had a chance to meet a couple months ago. I don't even know how you even got introduced to the group. I mean was there somebody that you knew?

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Howard Fox & Randy Ford - Hosts of the SuccessInSight Podcast - Episode 1010

Howard Fox:      Well Randy, how are you doing today?

Randy Ford:       I’m good Howard. How are you?

Howard Fox:      Fantastic. You know, it is so hard to believe that we have just passed our second month as the hosts and producers of the SuccessInSight podcast.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Jeff Tippett - Founder of Targeted Persuasion - Episode 1009

Howard: Hello everybody, this is Howard Fox from the SuccessInSight podcast. For my collaboration partner, Randy Ford, we are so happy to have you join us today for another podcast episode. And I am very excited to introduce you today to speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Jeff Tippett. Jeff, welcome to the Success Insight podcast.

Jeff: Howard, great to see you, thanks for inviting me to share with you today, I look forward to having a robust conversation.

Howard: I love it, and I have to say I love that energy, so you're going to be actually increasing my energy quotient as well. But I'm going to get through it, I know you are. Jeff I really got excited when I was reading your bio and your background, I was thinking "Man, this guy does some interesting work." So for our audience, if you could just share a little bit about who Jeff Tippet is, and the work that you're doing.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Jack Castella - Business Owner & Entrepreneur - Episode 1008

Howard: Hello everybody. This is Howard Fox from the Success Insight podcast for my business partner, Randy Ford. I am here today on a beautiful, semi-spring day in Chicago and I am so excited to introduce you to Jack Castella, Junior. Now, Jack has a really interesting nickname and we're going to talk about that in a second, but Jack is an entrepreneur and his organization is called Energy Connection. We met through a networking organization that we attend on a semi-monthly? Well, actually it's every month. Almost every week we see each other, so I am so excited to have Jack joining us here today on SuccessInSight.

Howard: Jack, welcome.

Jack: Thanks, Howard. I appreciate it. I'm glad I'm able to come on your deal here and I'm excited. I'm just really excited.