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Aug. 28, 2019

Adi Tantimedh: Author of the Ravi PI Series

Adi Tantimedh: Author of the Ravi PI Series
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Adi Tantimedh is the author of a Detective Crime Trilogy, The Ravi PI Series: Her Nightly Embrace (Book 1), Her Beautiful Monster (Book 2) and Her Fugitive Heart (Book 3). Adi has written radio plays and television scripts for the BBC and screenplays for various Hollywood companies, as well as graphic novels for DC Comics and Big Head Press, and a weekly column about pop culture for BleedingCool.com. He also wrote "Zinky Boys Go Underground," the first post-Cold War Russian gangster thriller, which won the BAFTA for Best Short Film in 1995.

You can connect with Adi on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adi-tantimedh-67736a174/

Link to the SuccessInsight Podcast: https://www.successinsightpodcast.com/2019/08/adi-tantimedh-author-of-ravi-pi-series.html