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Nov. 7, 2019

Annie Rodriguez, Author of Lifeforce

Annie Rodriguez, Author of Lifeforce

Annie Rodriguez is the author of Lifeforce, a Young Adult Fantasy Novel, published by Green Writers Press. Annie has been writing since fifth grade. It is her go-to hobby and the perfect stress and tension reliever.

It is Annie’s hope that her novel helps readers cope with life's ups and downs, and to feel that they are not alone. That there is always someone willing to help and listen.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her mother, who moved from Puerto Rico to live with her and her rescued pets. Annie wants you to know that the cat picture on the website was one of her cats, who recently passed away, but he was the inspiration for Gillian's cat, Dagonet. Even though she is a cat person, she does love very clingy dogs as well!

Annie invites you to visit her website to follow her on her writer’s journey. You can also “Like” her author page on Facebook.

Lifeforce can be found and purchased on Amazon. And don’t forget to leave feedback after you’ve read the book.

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