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March 28, 2023

Bob Goodwin, Founder of Career Club and Host of the Career Club Live Podcast

Bob Goodwin, Founder of Career Club and Host of the Career Club Live Podcast
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Our guest today on the Career Focus series on the Success InSight Podcast is Bob Goodwin.

Bob is the Founder of Career Club. He has leveraged his B2B sales and marketing expertise and best practices, to help job seekers get a better job faster. Career Club provides career coaching, an online job search course, and a CRM platform to organize your professional network and job search activities.

This will be our third episode with Bob. We first met him back in September 2021. When he had just launched Career Club - a service that was founded to help people who are in job transition learn how to GET A BETTER JOB FASTER.

Here’s a link to that episode:

We caught up a year ago as he was about to launch Concierge Club - a full-service, white-glove approach to finding a career. Here’s a link to that episode:

On today’s episode, we do a little catch-up and we’ll learn about President’s Club and his podcast, Career Club Live.


  1. What is the Presidents Club
  2. What is Concierge Club
  3. What change are you seeing with career searches since we last met?

Next Steps

To learn more about Career Club, visit their website at https://career.club/.

Be sure to follow Bob on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobgoodwincareerclub, and you can also follow Career Club on their LinkedIn Company Page.

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