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May 18, 2019

Brian Sly: Content Engagement Strategist | Emblem Inc.

Brian Sly: Content Engagement Strategist | Emblem Inc.
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Brian Sly is the Chief Content Engagement Strategist at Emblem, Inc. The team at Emblem help clients tell their inner story through making emotional connections, providing a platform which enables clients to share their core belief system with the right audience at the right time, enhance their cultural interactions in targeted communities, and aide them in rallying their audience behind a purpose-driven mission.

Brian chats with Howard about what brand identify means for clients, why it's important for clients to discover how their prospects are looking for them, what their prospects are saying, and how they can create more value for prospects by learning how to connect with them.

Brian also shares his Insight2Go, the book, 'Creative Confidence' by the Kelly brothers, that was integral to him to embrace the entrepreneurship mindset.

For more info about Brian and Emblem, Inc., you can find him on LinkedIn, or contact him via his website at https://www.powerofemblem.com/.

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