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Aug. 31, 2020

Donna Sager Cowan - Creator of the Superhero School Series

Donna Sager Cowan - Creator of the Superhero School Series

Donna Sager Cowan is the creator of the Superhero School Series.

The message of the series is about the importance of giving and sharing your gifts with the world. Donna's first two wonderful, critically acclaimed children's books are, With the Courage of a Mouse & With the Curiosity of a Cat.

As a grandmother, Donna enjoys reading and spinning tales for children. Donna’s goal is to spark the imagination of children so that they may become lifelong readers, adventurers, and writers. Each book in the series encourages positive attributes, acceptance, critical thinking, and inner strength.

Donna is a Mom's Choice Awards Winner and Readers Favorite Award Winner for, With the Courage of a Mouse.

Donna’s third book in the series, With the Passion of a Pig, is expected to be published later this year.

Quotes from the book that resonate:

  • "Work while you have light. You are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you." (Henri Frederick Amiel)

  • If there is one identifying factor that makes each and every single human being on this planet unique, it's the ability to express their own personal gifts and creative talents.

  • No matter how small the gift or talent might seem to be, we each have something special to share that sets us apart from anyone else.

  • Although many of us share similar gifts and talents, we each have our own way of expressing and using our abilities, which oftentimes serves as inspiration, empowerment, or encouragement for others.

  • Many of us may feel afraid or hesitant to share our gifts. We're afraid to put ourselves out there.

  • It's terrifying to be seen and possibly rejected, so we follow the path of least resistance and block or try to numb these feelings.

  • Your calling will continue to vie for your attention. If there's a work of art inside of you, a vision that keeps reappearing, or an unfinished project that just won't stop calling to you, it's time to take notice.

  • That's the way it works: Your gifts are meant to be given and shared with the world.

Click here to find With the Courage of a Mouse (Book 1 of the Superhero School Series) & With the Curiosity of a Cat (Book 2 of the Superhero School Series) on Amazon.

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