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March 6, 2019

Dorothy Kuhn: Creator of the 13 Second Rule

Dorothy Kuhn: Creator of the 13 Second Rule
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Dorothy’s vision? Elevate respect and fun, so any woman can own her space, command respect, and live free from fear. 

She graduated in Physics & Math, started her career in military systems, then telecom, financial systems & more. As the rare woman, she led and managed the people who make it happen Along the way, she worked with many good men, learned their ways, and how to build her status, while respecting others.

And there were those who did not distinguish themselves in the “good man” category. In 13 seconds, she found her superpower.

With humor, Dorothy shares her stories, strategies and more on how women and men can understand one another, build highly productive teams, and have fun doing it.

You can learn more about Dorothy and get her free gift at https://dorothykuhn.com

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