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Dec. 16, 2019

Dr. Gayle Carson, Entrepreneur & Spunky Old Broad

Dr. Gayle Carson, Entrepreneur & Spunky Old Broad

Dr. Gayle Carson is known by her clients, colleagues, and admirers as the
The Spunky Old Broad.

Born to coach entrepreneurs, Gayle possesses the “silver lining mentality” that has allowed her to build a successful company, travel globally as an international speaker, coach & consultant, and produce over two dozen books, CD and DVD programs, and work with over 1000 clients in 50 different industries.

Gayle is the Chief SOB and Founder of the SOB Clubs, a networking club for women over 50 years young!

Gayle hosts three Radio Show on SOB Radio Network:

-- Living Regret Free
-- Woman in Business
-- SOB Radio Show

Gayle is also the author of The S.O.B Guide to Business Success

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