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Dec. 3, 2021

Dr. Horacio Sanchez, Lean Six Sigma Black-Belt, Author, and Coach

Dr. Horacio Sanchez, Lean Six Sigma Black-Belt, Author, and Coach
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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Career Focus Series on the Success InSight Podcast.

The Career Focus Series supports individuals who are pursuing careers that tap into their skills and passions and introduces you to the entrepreneurs and organizations that are helping to make that dream a reality.

Our guest today is Dr. Horacio Sanchez.

Dr. Sanchez is a Lean Six Sigma Black-Belt, Supply Chain Specialist, Architect, Author, Researcher, and Coach.

I met Horatio on LinkedIn after we published a Career Focus episode with Dave Alexander this past October.

Horacio has authored a number of books, including:

Supply Chain in the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Industry (EPC): A Case Study (Nov 2019)

Architecture for Kids (July 2017)

Architecture for Kids 2 (Dec 2019)

Architecture for Kids 3: Color in Architecture (Jan 2021)

To learn more about Architecture for Kids, you can visit their website at  https://www.architectureforkids.net/

To learn more about Horacio and his work, you can connect with him on LinkedIn, at https://www.linkedin.com/in/horaciosanchezsalinas/

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