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April 16, 2021

Dr. Tom Teague, Author of Online Business Success for Thought Leaders - Part 3

Dr. Tom Teague, Author of Online Business Success for Thought Leaders - Part 3
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Our guest today on Success InSight is Dr. Tom Teague, Author of Online Business Success for Thought Leaders - Part 3.

Tom has spent more than thirty years in a traditional corporate career, leading software development teams to support collaborating engineering communities within large organizations.

Leaving that life behind, Tom now combines this practical, experienced perspective for building software systems, with modern online marketing and sales skills, to coach thought leaders a systematic way to create and deliver value for their communities, using their online business systems

Tom introduced us to the four steps to Online Business Success System:

  1. Clarifying Business Strategy
  2. Selecting Systems
  3. Creating Online Assets
  4. Sprinting to Success

In this episode, Tom shares important facets of Step #1 - Clarifying Business Strategy, including:

  • Building rockets and software systems - incrementally build your “system of systems” using a similar approach that NASA uses to build rockets to support space missions.
  • Selecting systems for offline business activities - first select the systems to support your one-on-one offline marketing and sales activities.
  • Selecting systems for online business activities - select systems to support one to many online business activities, including website, blog, online marketing funnels, email automation, online sales, and online content delivery.
  • Streamlining your systems - minimize the number of systems you use to reduce complexity and save time, money, effort, and frustration in supporting your business.

To learn more about Tom and his work, you can visit his website at https://www.choicedigitalstrategies.com/

Click here to obtain a free copy of Tom’s book:  https://onlinebusinesssuccessbook.com

You can visit him on the following social sites:


To learn more about the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance (SDPCA), visit their website at https://www.sandiegocoaches.org/

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