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March 27, 2020

Elina Giachali, Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Elina Giachali, Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Elina Giachali is an entrepreneur, researcher, and creator of the biggest Greek online school for adults who want to master Conscious Creation, EnElpis.

So far, hundreds of people who experienced abandonment or rejection in their childhood are members of EnElpis, and have learned how to manifest their own wellbeing and live a beautiful and fulfilling life.

Her path so far in numbers:

  • She has been doing research in the field of personal development for more than 20 years.
  • She is working as a professional coach for more than 10.
  • She has designed and facilitated more than 800 workshops and seminars of the success mindset.
  • She has coached more than 2,500 adults on the success mindset.

Elina is the right person if you wish to learn HOW to manifest a joyful life full of meaningful relationships and wealth.

You can find Elina on the following social sites:

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