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Jan. 20, 2020

Idy Uyoe, Olympic Scholar & Sports Marketing Specialist

Idy Uyoe, Olympic Scholar & Sports Marketing Specialist
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Idy Uyoe is an Olympic Scholar & Sports Marketing Specialist.

After 12 years of delivering value for corporate clients at IBM, Idy decided to pursue his passion for sports, primarily in the areas of marketing, events and content creation. Idy provides strategic consulting services for global brands, international sports federations, Olympic Committees, municipalities, and collegiate bodies.

His specialties include:
Sports Tourism and Event Marketing
Sports Marketing - Planning & Policy Development
Sports Education and Training Solutions
Broadcasting & Content Development
"Sport in Africa" Expertise

On today’s podcast, Idy shares stories & insights about how world-class sports impact national identity, the local and national economy, and international relations. Idy shares insights from the Modern Olympics and the World Cup, to drive home his point home.

Idy is presently preparing for the upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. If you or your organization are in need of marketing support for the Tokyo Olympics or sports marketing expertise, in general, you can learn more about Idy, and contact him on his website at https://www.idysports.com/

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