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Aug. 21, 2019

Jim Moran: President of SimplifyISO

Jim Moran: President of SimplifyISO
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Jim Moran and the SimplifyISO Team have been helping organizations simplify their management systems since 1992. The team shows small and medium-size companies how to build a management system that’s easy to use and effective, and get certified and stay certified.

Jim invites you to visit him at https://simplifyiso.com. Click here to visit Jim’s SimplifyISO YouTube page, and click here to connect with Jim on LinkedIn.

Jim has launched his Simplify-ISO ISO 9001:2015 Essentials Training Course. Click hereto learn more about the course. Also, Jim has graciously offered visitors to our page, a $20 discount off of the course fee. Use the Discount Code,FoxCoaching-20, at the time of checkout. 

Link to the SuccessInsight Podcast: https://www.successinsightpodcast.com/2019/08/howard-fox-hello-everybody.html