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Oct. 25, 2019

Jim Moran, President of SimplifyISO

Jim Moran, President of SimplifyISO

Jim Moran is the Co-Founder and President of SimplifyISO. Jim and his team have been helping organizations simplify their quality management systems since 1992.

Just in case you thought that Jim's name sounds familiar, he was our very first guest (Episode 1001) on the SuccessInsight Podcast way back in February. He joined us again in Episode 1023, where we chatted quite a lot about ISO Quality Standards and Leadership.

Jim invites you to follow him on his website at www.simplifyiso.com.

You can click here to learn more about Jim’s ISO 2001:2015 Essentials Training Program.

Jim also invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn and to follow him on YouTube.

Link to Success InSight Podcast: https://www.successinsightpodcast.com/2019/10/jim-moran-simplifyiso.html