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April 2, 2020

John Bentley, Founder of Power 2 Transform Consulting

John Bentley, Founder of Power 2 Transform Consulting
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John Bentley is a Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Trainer who helps Healthcare Organizations Develop Emotionally Intelligent Leaders and Collaborative Team Players. John’s goal when coaching is simple, to help successful clinical and non-clinical healthcare leaders achieve positive, lasting behavior change for themselves, their people, their teams and their family.

John joined us today to chat about the effect that the COVID-19 virus is having on individuals and teams inside our healthcare institutions today.

The powerful takeaway from today’s conversation is how individuals inside and out of healthcare organizations, including our communities can ask, not “What can I do to help you?”, but rather, “What do need?”.

To learn more about John and his work, he invites you to visit his website at http://www.power2transform.com/. He also invites you to contact him if you or someone you know is a First Responder and struggling during this crisis, and would like to chat.

You can also connect with John on the following social sites:


You can also find John's book, 52 Ways to Motivate Yourself: A One Year Journey for Living a Positive Life in a Complicated World, on Amazon.

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