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Feb. 18, 2019

John Bentley: Founder of Power 2 Transform

John Bentley: Founder of Power 2 Transform
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#SuccessInSight is pleased to introduce John Bentley, Founder of Power 2 Transform.

John is a leadership coach, trainer, and facilitator. He works with healthcare leaders to  develop behaviors that build trust, maximize influence & achieve better results faster through & with others so they can effectively manage the daily pressures caused by:

  • financial pressures 
  • scrutinized clinical quality outcomes
  • extremely high levels of change
  • chronic staffing shortages 

John shares examples that shaped his own development as a leader, including lessons from his father, grandmother, his commanding officer, and even his own son.

For more info about John, you can find him on LinkedIn, or contact him via his website at https://www.power2transform.com.

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