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March 9, 2020

Karen Humeniuk, Author of East of Midnight

Karen Humeniuk, Author of East of Midnight
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Karen Humeniuk is the author of East of Midnight

This is Karen's first novel. In it, she explores the nature of choice: those arising from self-interest and those wonderful choices that arrive through the kindness, love, and wisdom of friends.

Karen is a native of North Carolina. She and her husband, John, live in Greenville, SC. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology then worked in cancer research and clinical microbiology before earning a master’s in landscape architecture. Now retired, Karen enjoys doting on her grandchildren.

East of Midnight was published by Archway Publishing

Click here to find East of Midnight on Amazon

To learn more about Karen and her work, visit her website at https://www.humeniukk.com/

Click hereto also connect with Karen on LinkedIn.

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