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Nov. 22, 2019

Kelly Ann McKnight, Author of The Resilience Way

Kelly Ann McKnight, Author of The Resilience Way

Kelly Ann McKnight is a Master Facilitator and Executive Coach with a demonstrated history of working in Leadership Development, Team Development, Executive Coaching, and Performance Improvement.

Kelly Ann is the author of The Resilience Way™, a book for people who want to overcome the unexpected challenges that come along. The book was born out of her own personal experience, and research into how others develop resilience and overcome their struggles.

Kelly Ann has developed a resilience model to help readers and learners understand the elements of resilience. The Resilience Way Model is supported by a self-assessment. Kelly Ann enjoys speaking on the topic of resilience and delivers customized learning at workshops and retreats.

To learn more about Kelly Ann and her work, you’re invited to visit The Resilience Way website and join The Resilience Way community on Facebook

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