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March 12, 2020

Linda Hanna Lloyd, Author of The Syrian Peddler

Linda Hanna Lloyd, Author of The Syrian Peddler
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Linda Hanna Lloyd is the author of the historical novel, The Syrian Peddler. The novel was published in March 2017 and the audiobook was published in 2018 and is available on Audible.

Linda retired from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She and her husband moved from Columbia, Maryland to Austin, Texas. She also spends time playing the piano, volunteering at The People's Community Clinic, reading, and taking writing courses.

Linda is an active member of numerous organizations including the National Association of Professional Women and the Texas Writer’s League. She was a featured author at the San Antonio Book Festival and had the honor of winning two awards from the Institute of Creative Research for her contributions to poetry. She also participates in Austin Chamber Music Workshops as a pianist.

In the future, Ms. Lloyd is hoping to follow on from her success and write the much-anticipated sequel to The Syrian Peddler. She attributes her successes to her husband, Douglas S. Lloyd, M.D. and to the memory of her beloved father, Louis Franklin Hanna.

You can learn more about Linda and The Syrian Peddler, on her Book Website at https://syrianpeddler.wordpress.com/

Click here to find The Syrian Peddler on Amazon.

Linda’s social links include:

The cover design for The Syrian Peddler was produced by Linda's daughter, Karlyn Johnston.

Editing for The Syrian Peddler was performed by Susan Luton. You can visit Susan's website at http://susanlutonediting.com/

The audio rendition of The Syrian Peddler was produced by Alex Nannola (Recorder) and Mike Sears (Narrator). You can visit their website at Control Tower Studios 

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