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Sept. 23, 2020

Russell Heath - Author of Rinn's Crossing

Russell Heath - Author of Rinn's Crossing
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Our guest today on the Success InSight Podcast is Russell Heath.

Russell is the author of Rinn's Crossing.

Set against the backdrop of majestic Alaska, Russell has penned a story of Native Culture struggling to survive, the sleazy world of politics, lust for power, ego, and money.

Russell’s first novel was Broken Angels: An Alaska Mystery, published in 2015

To learn more about Russell’s journey as an author, he invites you to visit him on his website at https://russellheathauthor.com/. And click here to find Rinn’s Crossing on Amazon.

To learn more about Russell and his coaching work, he invites you to visit him on his coaching website at https://russellheath.net/

You can also follow Russell on the following social sites:


Here’s a YouTube link to a presentation Russell gave to the Explorers Club in New York, about his four-year single-handed circumnavigation in Kainui, a 25 foot Vertue class yacht, titled, “An Errant Circumnavigation”.

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