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Dec. 27, 2019

Theresa Julian, Author & Screenwriter

Theresa Julian, Author & Screenwriter

Theresa Julian is the author of The Joke Machine, a nonfiction book that teaches children ages 8 to 12. how to be funny!

The book explains how to use techniques such as surprise, comparison, exaggeration, literalness and other basic tenets of English to punch up an ordinary sentence into something funnier, like jokes, puns, and one-liners. By the end of the book, young readers will have a set of tools in their joke-belt to make their friends and family actually LOL.

Theresa has also written a ‘tween TV pilot and two feature-length screenplays which have all won multiple awards in national writing competitions, and she has sold dozens of humorous middle-grade stories to Amazon Rapids which are consistently listed on the “Popular” and “Funny” genre row on the Amazon app.

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