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May 20, 2022

Tom Miller, Award-winning Author and Travel Writer

Tom Miller, Award-winning Author and Travel Writer
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Our guest today is Tom Miller, Award-winning Author about the U.S. borderland and Latin America.

Tom has been writing about conflict and culture in the Americas for close to 50 years. His books include On the Border, an account of his travels along the U.S. and Mexico frontier; The Panama Hat Trail about South America; Trading With the Enemy, which takes readers on his journeys through Cuba; and, Revenge of the Saguaro, about the American Southwest, 

Tom has received numerous literary awards and official honors. In 2008 he was honored in a ceremony in the Centro Histórico of Quito, with a proclamation designating him a "Huésped Ilustre de Quito" (Illustrious Guest of Quito) for his literary contribution to Ecuador, especially "The Panama Hat Trail."

Tom’s latest work, Where Was I? A Travel Writer's Memoirwas published this year.

Aha Moment

After slowly traveling the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico  border zig-zagging back & forth between countries, I thought -- "Aha! There is a skinny 3rd country between the two larger countries. Much of my work since then has incorporated this notion.


  1. There are 2 treatments floating around Hollywood that deserve attention. One is about Wolfman Jack, and the other is about 3 Mexican Campesinos who were tortured by ranchers as they crossed into the U.S. I can't get either story out of my head and I'd be pleased to be associated with either one.
  2. If any of your listeners think they have a book in them, then put everything else aside and start typing!

To learn more about Tom and his work, visit his website at http://www.tommillerbooks.com/

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