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March 29, 2021

Building a Coaching Business: Get Clarity and Customer Understanding, with Tom Teague, PhD

Building a Coaching Business: Get Clarity and Customer Understanding, with Tom Teague, PhD

In this episode of the Success InSight Podcast, Howard and Tom Teague discuss building a successful coaching business and the key steps to get there. They dive into how many coaching programs do not teach entrepreneurs how to build their businesses, and why coaches need to offer lower-priced products to attract potential clients. They go on to discuss the importance of having a clear business strategy and understanding the customer journey. Additionally, they share insights from Dr. Tom Teague's book "Online Business Success for Thought Leaders," which outlines a four-step framework for setting up an online business. Howard and Tom also share personal experiences and lessons learned from their own online business journey. Finally, they provide tips on how to get started quickly and avoid overthinking the process. Tune in to this episode to learn how to build your online business successfully.

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Our guest today is Dr. Tom Teague

Tom has spent more than thirty years in a traditional corporate career, leading software development teams to support collaborating engineering communities within large organizations.

Leaving that life behind, Tom now combines this practical, experienced perspective for building software systems with modern online marketing and sales skills to coach thought leaders in a systematic way to create and deliver value for their communities using their online business systems.

In his book Online Business Success for Thought Leaders, Tom shares the four steps to the Online Business Success System:

1. Clarifying Business Strategy
2. Selecting Systems
3. Creating Online Assets
4. Sprinting to Success

Click here to obtain a free copy of Tom’s book:  https://onlinebusinesssuccessbook.com

When he's not helping Thought Leaders build their online business systems, he is the current president of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance (SDPCA)

To learn more about Tom and his work, you can visit his website at  https://www.choicedigitalstrategies.com/, or on the following social sites:



Click here to learn more about the SDPCA.

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