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Oct. 22, 2019

W.G. Hladky, Author of the Book of Ruin Series

W.G. Hladky, Author of the Book of Ruin Series
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Bill (W.G.) Hladky, Author of the Book of Ruin Series. Bill is a retired homicide detective from the Miami-Dade Police Department. Before becoming a cop, he was a newspaper reporter. He is also a published poet.

Bill has lived in Germany, where he taught street survival skills to American M.P.'s. He now travels across the country explaining to police officers how violent encounters impact our physiological and psychological responses.

The Book of Ruin, the first book in a new series of Post-apocalyptic Science - Fiction novels, was published in 2018 and The FlashFall Sword was published in 2019. The third and final book in the series is due out in 2020.

Bill invites you to follow him on his website at www.wghladkyauthor.com, and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thebookofruin/

Click here to find the Book of Ruin Series on Amazon.

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