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Dec. 17, 2020

William B. Miller, Author of The Last Howlelujah: Tails from the Trail

William B. Miller, Author of The Last Howlelujah: Tails from the Trail

Our guest today on the Success InSight Podcast is William B. Miller.

Bill is an Episcopal Priest, a teacher, motivational speaker, a former co-owner of a bar, and founder of various jazz fests with a 'soulful' purpose, and he is the author of The Last Howlelujah: Tails from the Trail, published this past October.

In November of 2016, Bill's canine companion, Wili, a 12-year-old terrier mix named, Nawiliwili Nelson, was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma and given only three months to live. Heartbroken, Bill set out to celebrate Wili's life by arranging something his cherished four-legged companion loved to do most of all - travel. While Wili underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and holistic treatments, Miller mapped out one last trip, something he considered to be the final task on Wili's barket list- a journey from New Orleans to Las Vegas, and back, during 2017.

A percentage of the book sale proceeds will go to The Howlelujah Foundation, a charity founded in Wili's memory, to help local musicians who have pets, easing some of the financial burdens Covid has bestowed upon them.


William "Bill" Miller uses his sense of humor and his gift of storytelling to intertwine real-life tales with those of the Gospel as a way of enlightening all those he comes into contact with.

To read all about Bill's travels with Wili, click here to find The Last Howlelujah: Tails from the Trail on Amazon.

You can learn more about Bill on his website at Fatherbill.net

Click here to learn more about The Howlelujah Foundation, by visiting their website at https://howlelujahfoundation.com/

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